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Making the Transition

I have had the honor to speak with some of the world’s best athletes and to help them think about taking the next step in life after sport.  This is one of the hardest transitions that anyone can make and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is also not just meant for an athlete making a transition, but for anyone. 

Below are few items to get the ball rolling in order to start the next phase of the journey that I gave to a top Olympic athlete:

You also need to take amazing credit for what you have done.  Realize you are among an elite few that has ever had the opportunity to represent your sport, nation and family and a world stage; Be proud!

​Some key actions thoughts that might start get you down the path that you are looking to go:

Books to read:

Seth Godin- Linchpin, Tribes, We Are all Weird, and the Icarus Deception

Gary Vaynerchuk- Crush it, Ask Gary Vee, and the Thank you Economy

Tim Ferris-  Tools of Titan’s


My own podcast- Executive Athletes

Tim Ferris- you will learn from the world’s top achievers

Spartan up- No nonsense guide to getting shit done

Don Miller- Story Brand- about building your story

Articles: a couple of quick ones I wrote

Don’t stop training!

It is easy to think I am done and that I should just move on.  This is fine, but if you take the physical component out of the equation, you will implode.  Keep up being fit; but now is a good opportunity to try something new.  Be willing to be a beginner again, this can be hard when you have been the best in the world, but it will get you out of your comfort zone and that is what is needed. 

Be Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable.

The key to succeeding after sport is taking the passion you have from your sport  and turning it into a passion for personal development and constant learning. Be willing to go to the dark place, ( like you did in sport) you feel like you can go any further, be willing to challenge yourself in similar ways from an intellectual and personal development point of view

Most importantly never ever stop believing in yourself

Take the passion and drive that you had for your sport and take it to the next phase of your career. One the hardest things that anyone can do is go from the podium to being a beginner again, remember that what got you to world class was an intense belief in yourself, you will need this more than ever!

Making any transition in life is very, very difficult. Many times it is more than making a transition, it is an Identity shift.  You are changing the core of your being and who you were/are.  Realize that it isn’t easy, that it is another step in the journey and remember that what got you to world class can get you there again!  Keep on moving forward and remember to think big! 

Feel free to email me at  if you have any questions, commentary or need some guidance on making the transition.

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