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Winning in life is key, if you are going into life to not win then why are you here?  Life is all about trying to become the best version of you!  Everyone thinks that winning if going over the line first, that isn’t it, winning is about being better than you were yesterday. Winning is about pushing yourself to get over your own finish line, winning is about stepping outside of your own comfort zone.  That is winning. Believe me, and don’t get me wrong, I love to get across the finish line first, but my competition is not everyone else, my competition is me, it is about pushing my limits of what I think I can do and taking off the governor. I am not someone that is naturally smart, athletic or gifted. For me to win, I need to work harder, go longer, think more and apply myself more than most. I know that when I don’t do the things that push me forward, I start going backwards. And it plays with my mind, body and spirit. I get really pissed at myself when I lose momentum. In my subconscious I know that what I am doing isn’t working. I know it is really forcing me backwards when I want to go forward. It makes me feel guilty, anxious and gross. In reality it is real time feedback from my mind and body telling me what I have and haven’t done right. That is why it is so much easier to focus on the win rather than focus on being mediocre.  ​

Mediocrity takes work. It is hard to be mediocre, you never really get to speed and if feels like you are sluggish at all times.  Being high performance and having a winning attitude takes work to get there, but once you do, the feeling is like no other.  The view is always better from the top, the road is always clear when you are in front, the snow is always best when you are the first one down the hill. Why wait and get stuck in traffic, behind everyone else, why be afraid to throw off the reins.

Picture this.  Get in your car and start driving, but never take your car out of 2nd gear, then try to get on the highway.  Initially you can get up to pick up speed, but very quickly you will soon realize that you are topped out. No matter what, you can’t go any faster and the world is passing you by. That is how most of us live, believe me, I am guilty of it as well. When things are going well, life is easy, when they are not going well, life is hard.  More often than not that is a result in a loss of momentum. You may say that this or that happened that forces you backwards, and it does, but that is part of journey. The real question what do you learn from that setback to push you forward.  How do you change things to get back up to speed? Sometimes it is doing the exact opposite of what you think.  Sometimes it is just waiting it out, but more often than not, it takes grit and you need to push through to get to your goals! 

Deep down, we all know what it takes to win, some are willing to take the action, but most are not.  If you are willing to take appropriate action and throw it out there, you will win!

Go Win! Ken

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