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Episode #196-Mark England-Founder of Procabulary-Professional Fighter

In 2002 Mark moved to Thailand to further his dream of becoming a professional fighter – to train Muay Thai,. with the sport’s very best. Three years and two knee surgeries later, that dream was over. After spiraling into self doubt, pity and being an overall miserable person – going as far as forgetting how to smile for an entire year – Mark decided it was time for a major change.

Mark knew that whatever it was that led to his debilitating bout of depression and self doubt must also affect other people. He was determined to find out the techniques that can make us into better, more effective human beings.

Shortly after establishing himself as a life coach and presenter in Asia and Europe, Mark discovered the answer. Every conversation and coaching session about fear, trauma, self-loathing and self-doubt shared one common trait: the way in which people speak about themselves. The words we use.

Mark put this hypothesis to the test and four years and thousands of empowered clients and event attendees later, Procabulary was born.

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Yohanna Thomas
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