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Episode #140-Roy Tuscany-Founder& CEO-High Fives Foundation-Get Stoked!

This week’s guest is likely the most stoked and inspirational guest we have had.

His name is Roy Tuscany, he is the founder and CEO of the High Fives Foundation.

Originally from Waterbury Vermont, and after graduating from the University of Vermont, Roy headed out west to pursue the dream of being a professional Free Skier. In 2006 suffered a life altering injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down and was the catalyst to the creation of High Fives. Roy turned the financial and community support of his own recovery into a “pay it forward” adventure with the creation of the High Fives non-profit foundation. He was named the “Spirit Inspires” award from Disabled Sports USA in 2011 and once held the world record for the most “High Fives” in a 24 hour period. He lives in Reno with his girlfriend Alana Nichols, and son Gunnar. He enjoys finding fun in everything he does!

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