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Time Management as an Entrepreneur and Athlete

By John Howard

Business Owner -> Managing Time as an Athlete

                You have the opportunity to inspire others!  How cool is that?  Here is a list of what I’ll be discussing with you today. 

· Take only jobs that serve you – Be patient in the work you accept

· Make exercise a priority – It will positively impact every other area of your work and life

· Talk about your training in your work – People are inspired by those who play between the lines

· Efficiency Windows = Hyper Focus/Productive

It seems I’ve gotten a bit ahead of myself.  I know you aren’t reading this to learn about me but here is a brief introduction.  I work hard to establish rhythm in my life.  It does not matter what I’m doing, whether it’s leading a team of people during a wellness meeting or 50 miles into a 100 miler, I live my life in motion.  I am the owner of Training Edge Sports, LLC since 2012.  I’ve finished 13 ultra – distance events including a 100 mile footrace finish in 2014.  I am certified trainer by PTA Global and nutrition coaching by Precision Nutrition.  I really enjoy the challenge of fitting it all in.  That’s enough about me.  Here we go…

Take only jobs that serve you – Be patient in the work your accept

                We all have a limited amount of energy.  We can spend it doing the things we love with the people who are inspiring and inspired to learn and grow or we can spend it with people who do everything in their power to suck your energy dry.  Even if people or opportunities are being thrown at you from every angle, pick and choose carefully.  If you commit to too much there won’t be enough of you to go around. 

Make exercise a priority – It is a Keystone Habit and will positively impact every other area of your life

                A Keystone Habit is a habit in your life that filters into your life in many ways.  I learned this concept from “The Power of Habit”.  I highly recommend this book.  We all have a different need for exercise, especially in timing.  The timing will vary based on the conditions of your life in the moment.  I’ll use myself as an example here.  I am going through moving houses right now.  I’ve broken this process into three phases, the second phase (which is the one I’m in right now), involves living for a time in someone else’s space.  There are five of us and we are used to having our own space and are occupying their space as well.  Stress is high.  I have found that, in order to manage the stress in my life, I benefit from more frequent exercise.  As you pay close attention to how your body feels, you’ll become more “in tune” with when an exercise session will be of benefit.  Listen to your body.

Talk about your training in your work – People are inspired by those who play between the lines

                Not everyone exercises or has concrete athletic goals they are aspiring to achieve.  We, as a society, admire those who participate in sporting events.  Make it known that training for an event and the discipline it takes to be successful transcends athletics.  The activities you enjoy most can be used as a tool in becoming more valuable to those who you work with and for.  Listen to others talk to you about their passions and activities as well.

Efficiency Windows = Hyper Focus/Productive

                Efficiency Windows are a productivity hack.  By tapping into the natural systems in our bodies, we can give ourselves a short window to complete almost anything and often times, it turns out sharper and more inspiring than if we were to drag it out.  Efficiency Windows on a macro level can be 10 days or more and as micro as just a few minutes.  My most typical Efficiency Window for tasks is two hours.  During this period of time, all distractions from the task at hand are eliminated.  The only thing allowed is music.

As an athlete and entrepreneur it can be difficult to fit it all in.  For years I did it all wrong and still do from time to time.  Learn from your failure.  When I’m in rhythm though it is a beautiful thing and a lot can get done in a short amount of time.  I’m confident the information shared with you today will help your efficiency too.

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