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My dream of getting a podcast up and running has finally come true. Executive Athletes has always been a passion project of mine and getting to connect with amazing individuals that live the "High Performance Life" has been amazing.

The format is raw and unedited; I think this is truly the only way to get an authentic look into what makes humans tick. So if you hear some ums, you knows, likes or pauses it is because we are human and not professional radio voices, but are working on it.

This week's guest is Doug Lewis. He is a 2x Olympic Downhill ski racer, World Championship Bronze Medalist, founder of Eliteam and a kick ass master's athlete. You will hear Doug talk about commitment, what it takes to be world class, and how he over came a broken back to become an Olympian. Make sure you listen! Check out his site at

Make sure you subscribe.

Please take a listen and give any feedback you would like, also feel free to let me know what you would like to hear and who you would like to listen to. Also if you have an interest in being a guest, feel free to reach out to me at

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