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Episode #65- Doug Smith-NHL Star to Paralyzed to Human Performance Expert

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

At 17 Doug was awarded the Ontario Hockey League's top award for Academic Achievement and at 18 years old, Doug was drafted 2nd pick overall into the National Hockey League. Doug would play his first year for the Los Angeles Kings as their youngest player ever.

In professional hockey game #607, at age 29, Doug went full speed, head first into the end boards & shattering the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae in his neck. He would later wake up in ICU, a quadriplegic. No arms, no legs, no bladder, no bowels.

Doug has addressed sold out audiences of thousands attendees at the Casino de Lac Leamy, National Museum of History and has done over 500 radio and television appearances including starring in the movie Becoming the Keys which premiered in January 2019.

Doug’s books The Trauma Code and Thriving in Transition capture the essence of what you can do to make it to the top, reach your stardom or find lasting happiness. Doug is presenting a Systematic Approach to improving mental performance, lowering emotional trauma in the workplace and leveraging workplace culture.

Today, Doug's literary work and seminar series presents and teaches an approach to emotional trauma that any individual, team or organization can use to protect, build and maintain extremely high levels of human performance.

Check out more about Doug at

Hear his TEDx on YouTube-

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