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Episode #57- Doug McConnell-Open Water Swimmer-Investment Banker

Doug McConnell, with the help of his A Long Swim Team, became only the 48th person over age 50 to swim the English Channel, in 14 hours that were divided between heavy waves and pitch black darkness.

The success of the English Channel swim has inspired the A Long Swim Team to continue with marathon swims, including the 24-mile length of Tampa Bay, the 21-mile distance of the Catalina Channel in California, and a 29-mile circumnavigation of Manhattan Island in New York City. The swims of the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island make up the “Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming,” of which Doug was the 89th person to complete, and only the 15th person to complete all over the age of 50.

His Day Job: Doug has been an investment banker for over twenty-five years, and has deep experience in all types of corporate financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, private placements of debt and equity, public new issues of debt and equity, and convertible securities. That experience is in a variety of industries including specialties in technology, applied technology, business services and industrial companies. He is an alumnus banker with William Blair & Co. of Chicago.

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