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Episode #38 Greg Scheinman- Entrepreneur- Athlete- Host of Midlife Male Podcast

Listen Here:

Greg Scheinman is a Shareholder at Insgroup as a property and casualty insurance specialist . His expertise, marketplace relationships, and unwavering commitment to insuring his clients success is at the cornerstone of his practice. A true entrepreneur himself, Greg brings a unique business background to the table: Michael Eisner acquired Greg’s startup, Team Baby Entertainment, in 2007, and Greg is also the founder of Row Studios, a brand of indoor rowing gyms. These personal experiences as an owner, creator, and innovator allow Greg to manage risk for his clients with a different view. Greg also hosts The Midlife Male Podcast on GOW Media Network featuring conversations with prolific entrepreneurs, risk takers and CEO's.

Greg has spoken at the University of Michigan on the subject of entrepreneurship. He appeared on Big Idea with Donnie Deutch of CNBC. He hosted Profiles of Innovations on PBS-TV for three seasons. He is a board member of The D10 Decathlon and competed in Houston in 2017 where he won the Executive Championship and 2018 as a member of the Overall Team Championship winner.

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