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Episode #176-Braelin Thornton-Wealth Advisor-Triathlete-Cyclist-Skier

Braelin Thornton is originally from the Upper Valley in New Hampshire. Braelin now resides in Saratoga with her son, Reed, and Doberman, Lark. She has a passion for staying extremely active and engaged in life. She runs in 8th gear whether that is in her business, her family, training for the next Ironman event she is competing in, skiing on the weekends, or spending time on the lake boating and water skiing.

Both Braelin and the team enjoy staying active in the community. Braelin has been an active member of Elevate Cycles since 2007. Thornton Wealth Management sponsors events and charities, close to their hearts like the Wrenagade Foundation and Farm to Fork Fondo events to the American Breast Cancer Society.

Most recently, Braelin competed in the Long Course World Championship in Spain last year. She is currently training for the Lake Placid Ironman in July of 2021 and racing for charity. Her competitive, energetic, and genuine personality lends itself well to her leadership role as a business owner. She is known for her motivation, caring immensely, going all out no matter what task is at hand, and unwavering commitment to her family, friends, business, and clients.

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