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Episode #170-Antwon Burton-NFL-Director of Sport Performance PBR

Antwon Burton the executive Director of Sport Performance of Professional Bull Riders, but there is much more to the story.

Antwon was an undrafted free-agent after completing his senior year of college at Temple University, was signed by the Denver Broncos and spent four seasons in the trenches of the NFL, also playing for the Bengals and Panthers. In his new role, Antwon trains world-class athletes including NFL draft prospects, western sports athletes (PBR Bull Riders) and MLB players, while also leading camps for youth in the area. But more than physical training he says the most satisfying part of the role is building new relationships, helping young people with life preparation, and giving back to the community.

“I love helping these people and kids around me. Because I was that kid on the east side who overcame poverty and family issues that could have put me down. I can show that to the people I work with, and help them,” he said.

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