• Ken Lubin

Episode #163-Justin Blair-Founder Friday Night Fights/Church Street Boxing Gym

  • Born and raised in Queens and Manhattan.

  • Worked on a fishing boat above the arctic circle after college.

  • Left college for a year to take a survival course in Kenya - stuck around Africa for a year with a book bag full of clothes - Zaire, Congo, Camaroon, etc.

  • Caught cerebral malaria while there but came down with it in Egypt - evacuated to Israel for medical care by the US embassy. Crazy story.

  • Founded and operated the Church St Boxing Gym in NYC in 1997 running it until 2014. Worked with everyone - Felix Trinidad, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Brittney Spears - lots of celebrities.

  • Founded longest running fight series in North America - Friday Night Fights, from 1997 until -Feb 2020 (Covid).

  • Started broadcasting with the UFC in 2018 from the US. That same year did a test from Thailand and in 2019 did a big deal with them to broadcast a lot more.

  • Once established in Thailand - we picked up rights to lots of other stuff - often going places without any contacts at all and literally just showing up. Including bringing my son to many of these initial forays.

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