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Episode #113- Lauren Webb-Triathlete-Bullish Endurance

Since youth, sports have always been a part of her life. Swimming and soccer competitively at an early age eventually transitioned into a collegiate soccer career that gave her the foundations of hard work, teamwork and dedication that she still holds dear today.

She is now leading an agency, Bullish Endurance, which provides sales and marketing solutions for small to mid-size companies within the endurance/outdoor space. In her years in the industry the current sales model is antiquated and broken, and her goal is to disrupt this space and bring a new way of doing business that meets clients needs in a more effective and efficient manner.

When not visiting clients or on the road, I can typically be found at home, racing and training where she still compete in both road racing and duathlon. In her down time, she loves spending time with her husband and two French bulldogs either on the water or settled in for a movie night.

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