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Episode #103-Tim Mattek-Mental Training for Peak Performance(a must if you have kids)

TIM MATTEK is the Founder & Director of Complete Performance by MATTEK (CP). CP provides unique and specialized products and services that compliment, enhance, and harmonize a Player’s Mind, Body, and Spirit, in order to maximize their capacity for consistent peak performances.

Tim is the author of the simple to use 6 STEP - In the ZONE mental training program and specialty In the ZONE - ADVANCED mental exercise modules. These mental exercise programs utilize powerful guided meditation techniques that have been tried and tested by world class athletes, at their highest levels of performance and daily lives.

Tim also serves as President of Mattek Management Group, Inc (MMG). MMG is a Florida based Player sports development consulting company, specializing in coordination of the entire development process of young talented aspiring junior and professional Players; including Player development plan construction and activation, and Player, Family, and Team consulting.

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