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How Bad Do You Want It ??

Until you want it bad enough, it isn’t going to happen.  Instead of saying that you have some goal, but don’t take action, you will never have what you want. I don’t know how else to say it. If you want something bad enough, you will stay up late, work weekends, and get up early to make it happen. It is not just for business or athletics, but it is for life.  Wanting freedom, requires discipline, because discipline is freedom.  Most people think the opposite. But if you are disciplined it means you are getting the work done and the work that is done is what gets you to where want to go.  Discipline means putting your head down for a period of time each day to do what you propels you forward; plain and simple.  If you want you a fit body, you must have the discipline to train and workout. If you what to make money or be successful in your professional career you must have discipline. If you want to having a loving spouse you must be disciplined to love your spouse, same goes for your kids, your mind, or anything else that want results from.  

The deep feeling of wanting something more than anything is what forces you to get up.  It comes with clarity, focus, and desire. It comes with surrounding yourself with the right people, the right actions and with moving forward. It comes from an internal burning desire to be the best.  For me that is what gets me to that next level. It comes from doing whatever it takes to move you toward your goals. What do you want to do more than anything else? What is the lifestyle you want to lead? How do you want your mind and body to feel? You will never know this until you write these down and burn your desires into your head. You may think you know, but until you sign the contract with yourself, you will never, ever make it happen.  When you see someone who is successful in anything, I mean world class successful, not just successful because they leveraged their talents, but Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, Bill Gates successful, because they had a mission. They had a mission to make themselves the best that they can be, but it is not because they are lucky, but it was because they worked their asses off each and everyday. They did what they needed to do no matter what, they contributed to their success, but also to the success of others around them. How bad do you want it? What are you going to do no matter what to get it? Are you willing to sign a contract with yourself? Once that contract is signed, there is no going backwards.  Make sure it is signed sealed and delivered!  :)

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