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Episode #8-Alix Shutello-Founder of Endurance Sports and Fitness

Alix Shutello is a communication expert/passionate runner and is the owner/editor for Endurance Endurance Sports And Fitness magazine . This online property is meant to explore all types of endurance sports including triathlons, kayaking, running, and other adventure races. ERM's mother company, Runners Illustrated, is also an online ezine catering to all forms of running. In her day job she been directing multi-phase, long-term projects involving marketing, strategic communications, surveys, messaging and branding development, program and project management, social media campaigns and recruitment advertising and outreach for over 25 years! I am known for my ability to maintain excellent relationships with my clients.

Alix is an amazing runner, mother, and side gig guru!

I hope you enjoy this weeks podcast!

Listen to it here:

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