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Episode #77- Jeff Olson-Olympian-Progressive Urban Farmer-Game Changer

Jeff Olson

Former professional athlete and seasoned executive, entrepreneur, consultant, keynote speaker, and board member.  Career success across sports, Wall Street, technology, health, nutrition, human performance, and business.  He leverages hi unique capacities and experience to mentor and partner with entrepreneurs, startups, and free agents in the Gig economy.

Some quick Stats on Jeff:

Stats: Professional athlete (10 years): Two-time Olympian, 3-time national champion, Pan American gold medalist, human performance expert , co-founder WNW Agency: in partnership with The Juice PLUS+ Company, co-founder of Health Food Agents co-founder of Altius Farms and founder of Altius Agency investment management and  2-time TED speaker

Humbling Insight: Over training ended his professional athletic career. Ambition drove him to Wall Street. Desire, to win fast, sucked him into tech. He made money, lost money, and built character. He came to realize having a boss and being an employee had limitations. A mentor taught him how being your own boss was like being an athlete in business. At that point, he knew what he wanted, however, his blind spots humbled him, in great ways.

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