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Episode #70- Brad Cooper- CEO - US Corporate Wellness- World's Fittest CEO

It's been a fascinating ride over the past 50+ years, with certainly many more opportunities than deserved. He's looked to make the most of each of them to be the catalyst in helping others move toward #BetterThanYesterday through optimizing human potential within the realities of life. 

Highlights include:

*30+ years of experience in health & wellness, including CEO of US Corporate Wellness (since 2007) Co-founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute (2011), and 3 decades as a licensed Physical Therapist & Certified Athletic Trainer

*Extensive educational foundation, including dual Masters degrees (MSPT & MBA) along with current PhD candidacy (targeting 2020 completion)

*Author of five books, national columnist since 2000, two plus decades of speaking experience at events across all 50 states and the UK, and featured in the documentary film Godspeed, which was seen in 600 theaters nationwide in 2018

*Generously identified by multiple publications as the "World's Fittest CEO" based on back to back to back results in the Race Across America, Ironman Triathlon and Marathon

Along the way, He's fallen deeper in love with my bride of 26 years, treasured being Dad to 3 incredible kids, secured 2 US Patents for an invention, completed 11 Ironmans (4 times at Kona), have met some amazing people and realized how much there still is to learn and do!

US Corporate Wellness ( is the premier national provider of personalized employee wellness programs and one of only 8 national firms to earn Full Accreditation as a Comprehensive Wellness Provider through URAC.

The Catalyst Coaching Institute ( offers the CWC (Certified Wellness Coach) certification and MCWC (Master Certified Wellness Coach) to coaches across the globe.  

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