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Episode #62- Colin Morgan-The Daily Grind Podcast-Helping Athletes & Entrepreneurs Succeed

Colin Morgan- is a professional golfer turned successful Entrepreneur

A few years ago, Colin found himself caught in the daily grind. He felt unfilled and certainly, he was not making the money he wanted to make. He left his job and set out on his own. He stumbled around until he found someone who could show him the way.

That was the key.

Now, he has a purpose and he looks forward to everyday with renewed enthusiasm. He has a great relationship, a growing business and an insatiable appetite for learning. He started and developed the Daily Grind Podcast to help people who are just like he was.

The podcast airs live 5 days a week and features some of the world’s most fascinating people. His guests include the worlds top entrepreneurs and other influential people.

Colin hopes to educate and inspire listeners to do what you have always wanted to do. Maybe that is writing your book or starting a side hustle. His goal is to motivate, educate, and inspire people to do that “One Thing” you have always wanted to do – start your own business!

Check out his podcast at

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