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Episode #59- Andre Kajlich- Double Amputee-Racer-Speaker-Trailblazer

In 2003, Andre Kajlich was a charismatic, handsome, 23 year old American student attending his father's alma mater in the city of Prague. On the night of December 6th, he went out partying with friends, and in the early hours mysteriously wound up on the tracks of an oncoming subway train. The conductor could not stop.

His devastating injuries required that both legs be amputated above the knees, and after three weeks in a coma, he awoke to an insanely altered reality. Doctors told him that because of the severity of his limb loss, walking with prosthetics would not be possible and he'd spend the rest of his life wheelchair bound.

Andre had other plans.

Today, he walks in his prosthetics with the use of a cane. He is a world champion endurance athlete. He has taken on some of the world's most difficult endurance competitions, many of which have never been completed by a challenged athlete.

Ten years later, Kajlich is a world-class paratriathlete and ultraendurance wheelchair racer who considers himself lucky: "Not because I survived getting run over. It just feels like my life so far has been pretty cool."

This is a quote from his website! 


Check out his Documentary Here

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