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Episode #37- (Rad) Monika Sattler- Ex Consultant- Current Cyclist- Chasing the Dream

Listen Here:

She is an ex Management consultant, current adventure cyclist and inspirational speaker with the mission to inspire others to “dare to go for it”. She believes that the first step towards a goal or a dream is the hardest but yet most important step towards achievement, self-discovery and potentially a more fulfilling life. After this initial step, you will receive more motivation, energy and opportunities to achieve your goal because you are the creator of your life path.

“I took the biggest decision of my life. I quit my job with the goal to chase my dream making my biggest passion, cycling, to my living. It felt like wasting time working in a job I didn't enjoy.

I failed multiple times trying to find the solution of combining the “real life” with my “dream life”. Multiple times, “reality” hit me that that what I was looking for doesn’t exist. But despite the setbacks I didn’t want to accept a life that it is not filled with passion and energy.

My fear, being 90 years old and looking back and saying: “I wish, I had done this”, kept me getting up from each failed attempt to try again. With each attempt I came closer to the realization that it doesn’t exist what I was searching for.

I had to create it.

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