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Episode #24- Tim Walther- Founder Grand Dynamics- Mountaineer- Adventurer

Listen Here:

Tim is an entrepreneur who has created his life around bringing adventure and experiential learning to corporate america. He is the owner of Grand Dynamics International, a experiential training and development company which he founded in Jackson Hole Wyoming 20 years ago. Since the origin he has expanded his team to deliver programs across the US and at select international destinations.

He and his team uses his background in psychology, business and experiential training to create a variety of unique programs for business teams and leaders. Challenge and adventure are integral parts of many of his programs.

On a personal level Tim constantly pushes the limits of his own comfort zone. From blue water hunting, to first ascents in remote corners of the globe to a variety of multi-sport creations in the the Tetons in Jackson Hole.

His latest Adventure:

Check out his business at

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