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Episode #23 Dave Maloney Founder of The Decathlon/D10

Listen Here:

Dave is a true entrepreneur with a vision to combine the love of sports with the positive social impact they can have well beyond the playing arenas. He realized the life behind the desk was not where he truly wanted to be and wanted to make an impact. So he started The D10 which celebrates the brilliance of amateur athletes through world-class athletic events measured by their economic and social impact.

The D10 is a nationally televised athletic competition produced for amateur athletes testing speed, strength, agility, and coordination through a mix of 10-events traditionally performed in the Olympic decathlon and NFL Scouting Combine. The D10 uses a proprietary, performance-based online pledging system to connect athletic performances to charitable outcomes. Since inception, participants have raised $8.0M to support North America’s leading pediatric cancer institutions working collectively to cure pediatric cancer. The D10 is featured regularly in SI, WSJ, ESPN, CNBC and more.

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