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Episode #22 Ted Finn- Founder of Uplift Ventures

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Ted Finn is Cofounder & CEO of Uplift Ventures LLC which provides solutions in health and wellness as it relates to travel.   

Finn is committed to enhancing wellness in travel.  With nearly 2 million lifetime air miles, and years spent overseas in both Europe and Asia, he has acquired a lifetime of travel experiences.

Finn has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years.  His focus on health and wellness led to the establishment of Uplift Ventures.  He has also founded Innovative Wellness Systems with a focus on biomechanical health and wellness.  He cofounded Horizon Footwear in 2006 that has launched a number of successful projects in both Europe and Asia.  Previously after positions with Nordstrom, Macy’s Corporate Buying Office and U.S. Shoe in the 1980s he cofounded AmAsia International in 1987.  AmAsia was a pioneer in Asian sourcing and one of the first companies to produce high quality comfort footwear in China. AmAsia acquired other footwear companies and was then acquired by a European conglomerate in 2004.  

Finn has international expertise in operations, product & brand development, and sales & marketing, he is an accomplished executive with experience in both startups and growth organizations.

Finn graduated with a master of arts degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago and a bachelor of arts degree in political science and history from Hobart College.  He also attended the Executive Program for smaller companies at Stanford University business school.

When he is not traveling from his home base is Dover, Massachusetts he enjoys quality time with his family and friends and is active in cycling, mountain biking, skiing, and triathlon.

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