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Episode #191- Mary-Kay Messier-VP of Global Marketing-Bauer Hockey

Mary-Kay Messier is a member of the Bauer Hockey senior leadership team as Vice President, Global Marketing where she oversees creative, digital, social, paid media, consumer experience, sports marketing and strategic partnerships, including with the NHL, the NHLPA, international federations and pro athletes.

Under Mary-Kay’s leadership, her team created the internationally successful First Shift program. Now in partnership with the NHL, NHLPA, and founding partner Hockey Canada, the First Shift has welcomed over 30,000 new families to hockey.

Drawing from her extensive professional network, as well as her management and marketing experience, she is helping to elevate the women’s game, growing girl’s participation and creating more career opportunities for girls and women across the sport of hockey. For the women’s game, She is focused on advancing equity for the best women players in the world through the establishment of a sustainable professional league.

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