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Episode #19 Bruce Babashan- Executive Turned Elite Boxing Coach

Listen Here:

He traveled a long way to this point and lived what feels like several lives in all that time. When he was young he was a college baseball player and champion bodybuilder. Later he spent many years in Corporate America as a very successful senior executive leader. He was accomplished but unfulfilled... and lost. During this time he stumbled into a boxing gym and instantly fell in love with the sport. Mainly he was a gym rat and trained in gyms in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC as a sparring partner for local professionals and anyone else who was looking for the ring work. He built a nice little reputation for himself and actually became a boxing coach by accident as the young fighters began coming to him for advice. The moment he began coaching he knew it was his calling. Today he is a renowned professional boxing coach/trainer and he have trained fighters at every level in the sport including Olympians and professional World Champions. This is a must listen!

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