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Episode #188- Erin Lee- Halo Therapy- Competitive Athlete

Erin has a very impressive combination of an extensive background in competitive sports and a passion/business experience in wellness and enhancing sports performance through new health /recovery modalities.

Originally competing at the national level for badminton and softball in the NZ, she also enjoyed volleyball, kayaking and snowboarding. She can now often be found cycling and mountain biking around the Surrey Hills in the UK.

As a qualified Civil Engineer, Erin has over 10 years experience focused on the wellness & wellbeing sector designing and constructing many luxury experiences like saunas, steam rooms, ice caverns and salt rooms for both commercial and residential projects.

Erin became interested in Halotherapy after trying it for herself and feeling the many benefits, especially with regards to the respiratory system. Now she is passionate about sharing these many benefits with others, hoping to make a positive difference to people’s wellbeing, health and performance.

Erin has her own Halotherapy business, is the UK representative on the Global Wellness Initiative – Exploring Salt & Halotherapy, Founder of the UK Halotherapy Network and VP of GetHaloHome the supplier of home halotherapy solutions, which is why we are having this podcast today.


GetHaloHome is the consumer arm of Halotherapy Solutions who for the first time ever, have combined both Halotherapy and Infrared together in the HaloHomeIR—from a joint development project between the #1 manufacturers in both the Infrared and Halotherapy industries.

For an exclusive Executive Athletes discount through June 30, use EXEC007 and contact

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