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Episode #186-Don McLaughlin and Sean McCabe-Founders of Pure Power Botanicals

#1 is Don McLaughlin

Don is a father of three, author, wellness advocate and ultra endurance athlete. A former trial lawyer of nearly 20 years, Don’s legal career included service as an Assistant District Attorney, litigator at a prominent Colorado law firm, and in-house corporate lawyer at a Fortune 500. As a corporate lawyer, Don became a nationally recognized expert in the areas of electronic data retrieval, analysis and management.F ollowing years of prolonged burnout, Don finally hit the wall in 2012. After what he can only describe as divine intervention and a newfound inspiration to become a better father and leader, Don overhauled his diet and began running ultra endurance trail races in the Colorado Rockies

Our Second Guest is Sean Mc Cabe

In 2015 Sean suffered a traumatic brain injury which nearly killed him, and he spent months in intensive recovery and rehabilitation. In the subsequent effort to restore his physical and emotional health, Don recommended that he try hemp extract and several other botanicals. Sean quickly discovered that this combination greatly improved sleep, reduced stress and restored his energy. Sean’s injury came on the heels of a successful career developing wind power projects in the U.S., and it forced him to reconsider his life and work priorities.

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