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Episode #167-Travis Gale-Cause Driven Adventure-Author

At the age of 18 Travis was inducted into the world of cause driven adventure when he and a friend spent a year cycling 17,000km across four continents raising over $100k for vulnerable children. It was on the tour where Travis penned a vision for an organisation called Appletree. After studying, Travis spent a year in Thailand working in the dive industry. His experience of the devastating 2004 tsunami catalysed a return to South Africa with a renewed fervour to work with people. Upon return, Travis established Appletree alongside a group of consultants. Over the past 15 years, Travis has developed himself as a speaker, facilitator, consultant and coach serving clients from a wide range of industries to enable human transformation and shape a healthy culture. In 2018, Travis founded The Middle brand, which encourages and enables individuals and teams to develop endurance, resilience and grit. He is the author of The Middle book which was published and released in July this year. He has been married to his wife Toni for 10 years and is the father to two cute and energetic daughters, aged 7 & 3. He has also swopped the bicycle for a pair of trail shoes. Links:

The Middle Book:

The Middle site (please note we are busy making edits while the site is live so it may shift

each time you visit):


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