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Episode #152-Sam Piccolotti-Founder No Zero Days-Triathlete

Sam began his career in banking. He soon advanced as a high performing leader with First Union and Wachovia Bank, leading teams to record heights of production. Sam started a successful commercial banking and brokerage business he later sold to pursue a lifelong ambition to move west.

Sam has been leading companies in business growth and development for decades. Sam currently acts as the VP Of Business Development for ToolCASE LLC a Denver based technology company that is emerging as one of the top real time analytics providers to the banking industry.

Sam's professional drive is built on a relentless pursuit of physical and mental perseverance.

Sam is also the founder of NOZERODAYS.COM an athlete collective and emerging lifestyle brand.

A Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Athlete.

Sam has over 30years of triathlon, Ironman and endurance racing.

He recently completed a solo Ironman distance event above 10,000' above sea level and most likely to be first to have done so.

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