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Episode #150- Chris Guillemet-Co- Founder - Velofix

Chris is a Co-founder of velofix, the largest fleet of Mobile Bike Shops in North America. A first-generation Canadian, Chris was living in Vancouver and frustrated with the traditional brick-and-mortar bike shop experience. The solution? A Mobile repair service that could shake up the retail industry as we knew it.

Chris’s management experience includes growing a company to $90 + million and a successful IPO, the launch of an Internet startup that went on to raise $100 million in financing and driving growth at a $30 billion dollar consumer packaged goods company. He is also very active in endurance sports, having run a 2.54 Boston Marathon, completing two Ironmans and most recently qualifying and racing the 70.3 Ironman World Championships in Nice, France.

“Save Time. Ride More” has been Chris’s driving vision for the business since its inception. 

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