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Episode #144-Shawn Boom-CEO of Vanco Payments-Endurance Athlete

Shawn Boom is a limit pusher.  His most recent long-distance finish line was at the Grand2Grand Ultra, a 7-day, self-supported ultramarathon stage race in the Grand Canyon.  An endurance athlete and adventurer from childhood, Shawn has climbed to the top of Pico de Orizaba, a snow-capped 18,491’ mountain, run ultra-marathons on active volcanoes, raced in multiple 24-hour solo mountain bike events and competed in several Ironman triathlons.

Professionally, Shawn has a 20-year career focus on growing businesses that help people achieve more in their lives by harnessing their mental and spiritual strength, providing access to education and through endurance sports.  Shawn is presently the CEO of Vanco Payments, a 300-person global social impact company focused on serving those who enrich our communities by providing tools that help organizations such as schools, non-profits and faith-based communities raise money and administer their operations.

Shawn and his wife, Bethany, have been married for ~19-years and live in Minnesota where they are raising their two strong and independent daughters, ages 8 and 6.  They call their family “Team Tusk” as a symbol for strength and humility, toughness and rarity.

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