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Episode #134- Dr. Robert Takla- ER Physician-Ironman

Dr. Takla is an emergency medicine physician and amateur athlete with a passion for health and fitness. The role of an ER physician can be stressful, and he is responsible for one of the busiest emergency rooms in Michigan. In addition to practicing clinically, he has extensive administrative experience as a medical director supplemented with an executive MBA from the University of Michigan. While emergency medicine and innovation in health care remain passions of his, He also thrives on the pursuit of health and fitness. Pursuing a well-balanced life combining physical, mental, and emotional health and fitness, is critical to happiness. As an amateur athlete and Ironman, He enjoys utilizing his medical skills and knowledge to further his own health and fitness. He thoroughly enjoys and welcomes the opportunity to motivate, coach, mentor and consult with both individuals and groups assisting them with improving their own health and fitness. Each of us, from amateurs to professional athletes, can find ways to further improve our wellness and maximize our chance of reaching our fitness goals. 

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