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Episode #121- Michael Bryant- Professional Unstucker-Ironman

Michael Bryant is the president of CTS Consulting - a Baltimore -based multi-disciplined consulting firm. He is also an endurance athlete and a six-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

In 1981, after acknowledging that he was terminally unemployable, Michael founded CTS Consulting. His focus with both individuals and corporations has been on assisting others in creating effective working lives. The outside world knows him as a career/management consultant but for nearly four decades Michael has functioned as a professional "unstucker.”

He has a passion for showing people practical ways to problem solve, communicate and connect more effectively.

With nearly 40 years’ experience consulting with organizations and their leadership, insatiable curiosity, and the courage to challenge what’s possible in an effort to continually grow and improve, Michael’s perspective on work and life is one-of-a-kind and inspiring.

His approach to work and life was deemed unique enough that he was the subject of a four-page profile in Inc. Magazine.

An avid writer he has authored over 150 articles through his website and is a frequent contributor on his LinkedIn page.

In addition to his writing and consulting, he is also a popular speaker best known for his signature keynote Iron Lessons - the story of his every man Ironman journey. Michael is known for his ability to entertain, educate and inspire his audiences to rethink and expand the possibilities for their personal and professional lives.

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