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Episode #118- Alyse LaHue-General Manager / Sky Blue FC (NWSL)

Alyse is the General Manager of Sky Blue FC, the National Women’s Soccer League NY/NJ franchise. She previously was the GM of the Chicago Red Stars, Worked with the Seattle Storm, co-founded a major international Girls Soccer & Leadership academy across Chicago, Mexico, Houston, and Columbia.  She is one of only two women currently holding the title of General Manager in the NWSL and is the first woman in league history to serve as in leadership positions in both Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) and the NWSL.

She also has an extensive and impressive track record of community development and volunteering. Alyse is a leading voice on diversity in all areas as well as an important voice on increasing gender diversity in leadership positions across sports. She is also Curator/Founder of the only online women's sports business weekly newsletter: WOMENxSPORT.

What we discussed: 

1. Women in leadership in sport?

2. Diversity in sport?

3. Where do you see soccer going?

4. What are you doing differently during this pandemic?

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