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Episode #112- Jeramiah Solven- Army Ranger-Founder of Conquer Academy

Jeramiah Solven is the founder of Conquer Academy and a Leadership and Performance Instructor and podcast, Be the Leader. He is a former U.S. Army Ranger and officer who earned 1 of 2 positions in special operations out of a 400,000 soldier force. He also became the #1 Infantry Officer from a class of 2000. Jeramiah has helped hundreds of people grow as leaders. He has worked with clients ranging from CEOs, small business owners, pilots, FBI Agents, to a billion dollar company.  It's Jeramiah's mission to bring more good in this world while helping others achieve their best. His story is one where he transformed from a shy kid in to a Ranger Officer and led Rangers in combat. He is now an entrepreneur who built his business while having a high tempo 9-5. He is now teaching leadership and performance to individuals and companies who want to win. He’s written a book, helped clients triple their income, helped people collapse the timeline to their goal in half. All with by putting an emphasis on their individual performance and leadership.

The biggest lesson he learned in the 14.5-15 years of military experience is that leadership is everything. If you build high quality leaders, empower your team, teach and train your team, enforce/embody your core values daily, you will win. I hope you enjoy!


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