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Episode #110-Alex Cooper-The Iron CEO

Alex is a Senior Executive - Financial Services Industry. Technology Innovator. Serial entrepreneur. Built ground up solutions from ideation, design, commercialization to customer acquisition. He has been on the forefront of digital and mobile payment while leveraging financial technology to build better lives for the underserved in the U.S. He has Co-founded and sold two Inc. 500 technology startups to public companies.

In addition to being a game changing CEO he is also an Ironman.

I love what you said in a recent article you wrote.

My first Ironman triathlon at the age of 50 was a daunting goal. I trained for 12 months, but when I hit that starting line, I was nervous and had a healthy fear about what lay ahead. Truthfully, even after many more Ironman races, I still have that fear. But each time I hit the starting line; I believe in myself. I believe I will finish. The hardest challenge is just to get to the starting line and begin the race to something new. So, go ahead and start what you will finish!

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