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Episode #109- Angella Goran-Founder Athletica Rewards-Pro Cyclist

It seems Angella’s life is fueled by her passion and thirst for learning. Angella was a high school track and field star and scouted for the rowing team in grade 12 which qualified her for the 2004 Canadian Olympic rowing team. In University she registered her first domain without knowing where internet would go years later. After graduation she transitioned into a career at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa where her 100 hour work week soon took over her life and made her question her life’s purpose. Angella longed to find the answer to her ‘Why’.

As a professional athlete, She knows what it means to choose an active life. Growing up on Vancouver Island, setting the bar high to qualify for the Olympics, challenging a 1 Hr. World Record in Indoor Cycling and travelling around the world with a bike, the ATHLETIC COMMUNITY has been my community for her entire life.

Her Most Recent endeavor is ATHLETICA Rewards™ because she believes an active lifestyle should be more affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere while making us feel safe doing the things we love to do and protecting the gear we invest in for the lifestyle we've chosen.

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