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Balancing Life as an Executive Athlete

By: Rachel Cieslewicz

Balancing Life as an Executive Athlete

In order to live a successful life, we must aim high.  This is true regardless of business, family, or athletic endeavors.  Highly successful humans tend to be motivated and disciplined, while willing to sacrifice when necessary.  It is imperative we believe in our vision intensely, intuitively knowing when to push and when to pull back, in order to ultimately live out our wildest dreams.

When juggling many aspirations, balance is crucial so we don’t fall short of goals. Part of being a human is riding the waves of life as they ebb and flow. When we do falter, consider it an invitation of life to pause and redirect. Take a step back while evaluating what went right, while initiating change to shift what didn’t work. And then move forward. It is possible to enjoy a highly successful career and thriving as a fit healthy athlete, while enjoying healthy relationships. 

If balance is the key, then time is the essence.  

We all know that if we spend too much time working, then we lose our physical fitness and health, along with lovers and friendships.  If we neglect human relationships to chase dreams of success in the athletic world, we will eventually find ourselves alone. With no one to share our adventures and journey, then what does it matter?  

And yet the circle continues. If we only focus on relationships while zero energy is given to our Self, and deep inner wishes, it is more likely that depression and a saddened soul will darken our lives.  

With planning and balance, it is likely to we can achieve it all, thrilling us with joyful hearts and enlightened footprints.  This becomes life is as dreams turn into reality, with each new moment to carry us through.  

Here is how to manage and successfully balance life and athletic ventures:

·         Know what you want. Create an overall vision statement, or manifesto, for life.  Print it out and have copies at home, work and in your gym bag.  Read it daily and be willing to adjust it as necessary as life unfolds. Life is constantly evolving. Choose to embrace change. 

·         Use an iCloud calendar.  Place all races, athletic events and training into a calendar that allows you to see and compare work, and family obligations simultaneously.  This way you don’t double book and miss an important training session due to a dinner appointment that could have waited an hour with better planning.

·         Work backwards from your goals.  Treat your training the same way you would a work project.  Any large goal takes a number of smaller steps and actions to create the positive end result.  If you know how to succeed in the executive world, you already possess the tools to apply to athletics.

·         Hire a coach with specific expertise in your sport.  Successful humans in the business world often utilize a business coach to assist them in process while maintaining a clear vision in their career.  A good athletic coach can work with you in person, or remotely. They expertly apply their knowledge to develop the perfect plan for you to reach and surpass your athletic ambitions. They should expertly and specifically base your training on your time available, physical fitness, strengths and weaknesses, and athletic goals. This is a huge time saver and well worth the investment. 

·         Don’t live in a box. Creative flexibility, while keeping the end goals in sight is important.  If you are short on time, begin commuting by bicycle to and from work. Workout during lunchtime with co-workers or clients.  Sealing a deal while everyone is high on endorphins is magic. 

·         Get the family on board. For anyone with a family, it happens. Sometimes family occasions must take precedence over training.  Or does it?  Rather than being in a bad mood over missing a workout due to lack of time, perhaps you can run to the outing and meet the family there. Sure you might be a bit stinky, but a fantastic mood to enhance a great day is worth it! 

What other things can you do create balance with your career, relationships and athletic endeavors?  It is possible to live your life filled with adventure and health as part of your successful career.  Create a plan to live it all with balance. This will lead to fulfillment beyond your wildest expectations.

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